We have curated a useful resource database to help you with the following:


• Sample bike park types, plans, costs, and descriptions

• Proven great partners

• Trail builders’ contact information

• Programming experts’ contact information

• Other potential funding sources

• Tips for creating public awareness. If we don’t have the information you need, we will get you in touch with a source that does.


Our grant program will amplify your bike park project. We consider requests from individuals, nonprofit organizations, and municipal agencies. Your project must be:


• A private/public partnership with matching funds and support by its host community

• Built on public land (For example, an existing park land that has fee-free access.)

• In a neighborhood-centric location providing easy access for kids, families and schools wherever possible

• Designed for multiple skill levels and must include moderately challenging features


This is a no-drop ride. You can count on us every step of the way to help get your project up and running. We help with:


• Project planning guides and assistance

• Fundraising event assistance

• Public awareness campaigns

• Scripts for speaking to city officials and donors

• Templates for letters of support and thank you’s

• Meaningful programming plans